6 B2B Content Marketing Agencies to Watch In 2023

Are you fed up with herding freelancers?

Or annoyed with "full-service" marketing services agencies that sell everything from web design to social media marketing and PPC ads but create lackluster content and can't show actual results?

It would be ideal to take your content marketing "in-house." But who has the time and resources needed to build and maintain an effective content team from scratch?

This is where a B2B content marketing agency comes in. By boosting your content marketing efforts and attracting inbound traffic, B2B content marketing agencies can be one of the highest ROI digital marketing investments you make.

To help you find a B2B content marketing agency, we wanted to share six agencies that excel in B2B content marketing.

These agencies walk the walk. They can all show results from working with a range of B2B businesses and have delivered long-term growth by bringing their clients qualified leads, higher SEO rankings, improved brand awareness, and better conversion rates.

The agencies we've listed are not fly-by-night operators out for a quick buck (a major problem in the marketing industry). Instead, they partner with their clients to deliver long-term results. With all these agencies, client engagements can last years. 

We've examined each agency on our list and are confident they can deliver B2B content marketing results. 

But before you read our list, make sure you know what to look for.

Three Things to Check Before Hiring a B2B Content Marketing Agency

You wouldn't buy a secondhand car without having a look under the bonnet, kicking a couple of tires, and ideally running a history check. So, before hiring a B2B content marketing agency, you also need to do your research. Here are the four key factors to look out for.


Are you looking for an "affordable" content agency or "premium" content marketing? You might know your budget, but agency pricing varies greatly. 

Some agencies require a minimum monthly retainer and charge a set-up fee. Others require only a retainer. A smaller proportion of agencies will do ad hoc work on spec, such as writing blog posts. 

Generally, content marketing agency pricing tends to range between $3k to $10k per month.

Agencies that produce individual assets typically start their pricing at around $500 for a blog post or infographic to $4k for longer-form assets like whitepapers and reports. The cost will depend on the types of content you need.

The reality of content marketing means it's often complicated for agencies to quote prices before assessing a client's needs. This is why bringing up pricing during your first contact is a good idea. 

Past work

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but it is a pretty strong indicator of whether a B2B agency is a good fit for your brand. 

Check out an agency's case studies and testimonials to see what kind of clients they've worked with in the past and what their results were like. 

Just remember that case studies are always going to be cherry-picked. After all, an agency will never tell you about a disastrous engagement.

Case studies do, however, give you a good indication of the kind of verticals an agency is familiar with and the methods they use. They also show you the kind of clients an agency works with. 

For example, a content agency that has worked exclusively with startups might not be the best fit for an enterprise client.

If you are getting an agency to produce content, ask for samples of client work in similar industries to your own. 

Look at different pieces of content they produce for clients as well as their own resources or blogs.


What exactly will the agency do in return for your organization's cash?

Do they create content? If so, what and how? There's no point in hiring an agency specializing in whitepapers if you expect them to boost your email marketing messaging or help you craft copy for thought leadership on LinkedIn.

An agency’s methodology and your marketing strategy should go hand in glove.

Learn more: 9-step B2B SEO agency playbook

You need to know if a quoted price includes interviews with your team or original research. It's also essential to get a sense of how hands-on you will need to be regarding edits and project management.

You should also get a breakdown of how the agency plans and does search engine optimization (SEO). 

You may or may not be an SEO expert, but you will need to know what keywords an agency thinks your target audience uses, which ones you can rank for, and how they will help you with lead generation.

This bit is critical. 

A B2B content marketing agency should help you increase revenue, not just hit vanity metrics.

Six Content Marketing Agencies to Watch In 2023

1. Content Visit

2. The Optimist

3. Beam Content

4. Campfire Labs

5. Foundation

6. Codeless

Content Visit

Content Visit

A buyer persona focused, cybersecurity and tech B2B content creation and SEO agency.

We are a team of content writers, strategists, and B2B SEO experts. 

We've created content marketing strategies that have helped cybersecurity firms double organic traffic in 12 months, built thought leadership campaigns for privacy leaders, and boosted revenue through organic traffic for dozens of B2B companies.

We are a good fit for your company if you:

  • Are a business-to-business cyber security or tech company.

  • Do not have an SEO agency or want to transition from paid ads to organic growth.

  • Already work with an SEO firm but need help producing high-quality content to hit keywords.

  • Want to improve your overall content and copy, including sales collateral.

  • Need someone to own the entire content process, from crafting buyer personas to publishing and measuring content performance.

We can act either as a content creation agency or a B2B SEO agency, or (as we often do) both. 

Get in touch with us today

As a result, we can take over the entire content process for you or slot in as needed. Our services range from finding keywords and planning content to writing blogs, web copy, newsletters, webinar scripts, podcasts, and white papers, as well as measuring results. 

Our content creation process works backward from your target audience, producing journalistic content and applying B2B SEO best practices along the way. 

  • Pricing: Content Visit retainers start at $3k per month. We also do one-off projects.

  • Best for: Technical companies that want expert content at an affordable price.

The Optimist

The Optimist

The Optimist is a content marketing agency that works with SaaS "product-led companies."

They use an approach that combines content creation with targeted outreach and link-building. This is their USP. 

The Optimist's team creates distribution strategies alongside their content creation efforts to boost the impact of each content asset they produce.

Two other things we like about the Optimist are their collection of SaaS content marketing resources and their transparency. You can follow the founder on Reddit, where he posts annual updates about his agency's growth.

  • Pricing: The Optimist retainers start at $10k per month.

  • Best for: SaaS companies that want to outsource their entire content marketing workload.

Beam Content

Beam Content

Beam Content is an agency that helps SaaS companies with content creation.

What we love about Beam Content is its ability to capture a brand's unique tone of voice and find creative content angles on technical SaaS verticals. They have some great case studies that show off this ability. Their "revenue ecologists" content campaign idea for a revenue SaaS provider really stood out to us. 

Beam Content focuses entirely on content creation and content repurposing. They don't do SEO strategy or link building.

Their process is entirely on giving SaaS companies a stress-free path to better content. This is important for growing startups trying to keep pace with content needs for different marketing channels.

  • Pricing: Beam Content works on a retainer basis, and pricing starts at $7.5k per month.

  • Best for: Overloaded SaaS marketing teams.

Campfire Labs

Campfire Labs

Campfire Labs helps brands produce journalistic content to boost their marketing efforts and sales enablement.

Describing what they do as delivering "story-driven content marketing," Campfire Labs creates content that answers a fundamental journalistic question that B2B buyers and decision-makers have: "why should I care?" 

Campfire Lab's team is made up of former journalists, and the agency’s name harks back to the idea of stories being told around a campfire. This ethos shapes everything they do. Their mission is to give brands the same story-driven content that publications use to engage readers. 

These guys and girls are experts in journalistic content creation. Case in point, their blog is chock full of interesting interviews with marketing leaders.

  • Pricing: One-off projects start at $15k. Recurring projects have a $5k per month minimum.

  • Best for: Brands that want to stand out with journalistic content.



Foundation is an end-to-end content marketing services and training agency. 

This agency doesn't just create content. It also plans B2B SEO strategies and does original market research on behalf of its clients. This commitment to helping their clients own the content space is what makes Foundation stand out among B2B content marketing agencies.

Foundation works with companies in various verticals, from education and SaaS to what they jokingly describe as "boring" industries like manufacturing. 

They have a great resources database on their website filled with easy-to-understand definitions of content marketing terms and strategies.

  • Pricing: Foundation does not list its pricing.

  • Best for: Manufacturing companies and other non-tech brands looking to stand out with content marketing.



Codeless is a content production agency for enterprises and brands that want to scale up their content output.

Codeless can help brands produce up to hundreds of articles per month to build SEO engines and boost demand generation. One of their showcase results is their partnership with Monday.com, an engagement that resulted in a >1000% increase in traffic. Impressive stuff. 

  • Pricing: Codeless retainers start at $7.5k per month for five blogs and go up to $20k plus. 

  • Best for: Large organizations and enterprises that want to produce content at scale.

Can't Choose?

B2B content marketing is best when it's just right. With marketing services, it pays to be a bit of a Goldilocks. 

Content can deliver incredible results only if it is created by a team that truly cares about your business and industry. This list might help you find the right partner for your content marketing efforts. 

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Written by Laura Martisiute