"Our blog now accounts for more than half our organic visits."

About Attractions.io

Based in the UK, Attractions.io creates digital solutions for the attractions industry globally. 

In spring 2020, Attractions.io took a bold decision. With the future of the attractions industry in doubt, they decided to double down on B2B inbound marketing. 

To build a great B2B content marketing funnel, Attractions.io needed a content agency that knew how to write B2B content and could also be a creative partner during a trying time.

B2B content challenges

  • A global pandemic which shut down their customers’ operation’s.

  • Educating audiences on why the attraction industry needs digital technology.

  • Explaining the benefits of digital transformation to non-technical clients.

How Content Visit helped

Throughout 2020, Content Visit became a crucial part of Attractions.io's B2B content strategy. Working hand in glove with their marketing team, Content Visit was responsible for blog articles and innovative long-form content like whitepapers.

The results? 

Unique content assets like the insights report "Guest Experience Trends for the New Normal."

Guest Experience Trends for the New Normal

Content Visit helped scale Attractions.io marketing efforts by producing between six and ten thousand words of target audience-focused content per month.


Content Visit helped position Attractions.io as a subject matter expert in their sector, massively boosting SEO results and generating leads during a time when their competitors went into hibernation.

"Our organic, social, and referral traffic have all more than doubled."

We are very proud of our work with Attractions.io during this time, helping position the company as an authority in their sector, and massively boosting their SEO results.

Emma Woods Photo

When we asked the marketing manager at Attractions.io, Emma Jones, to describe what it was like working with us, she said:

"Content Visit have been able to transform what can be a complex, technical topic (B2B SaaS) into engaging, easily digestible articles and guides, aligned to our buyer personas' information need."

She also added, "Our organic, social, and referral traffic have all more than doubled in the past year. Our blog now accounts for more than half our organic visits, and we're starting to see the results coming through in our growing pipeline of leads."