31 No-Cost Cyber Security Marketing Guest Post Opportunities

Guest posting is a great cybersecurity marketing tool.

A small number of high-quality guest posts on sites that executives read can significantly boost your domain authority and brand visibility. 

But it's not easy to find sites that a) want guest posts, b) don't want to charge you an outrageous fee, and c) are read by real people.

To help you find places to pitch guest posts, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of cybersecurity guest posting opportunities.

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We individually checked all the sites on this list to make sure they are:

  • Actively requesting guest post submissions in 2023.

  • Not charging a fee for guest bloggers.

  • Are authoritative, with a domain authority of more than 40.

  • Relevant to internet security decision-makers/practitioners.

  • Receive traffic through SEO (we vetted each site using Semrush).

Security Boulevard

Security Boulevard is a popular security website with a global reach. Part of a wider network of 375 technology blogs, Security Boulevard hosts blogs, webinars, and podcasts on a variety of infosec topics. 

Just Security

Just Security focuses on the broader legal and security (not just cyber) landscape but features regular commentary on the cybersecurity industry. 

  • Domain authority: 68

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.justsecurity.org/submissions-style-guide/

  • Other information: Cybersecurity articles on Just Security tend to focus on (or are related to) issues of national security. Just Security is interested in deep-dive articles and explainers. 

InfoSec Global

InfoSec Global is a website focused on fire security, but they also feature guest posts on cybersecurity topics related to facilities and operational technology (OT) security. 

  • Domain authority: 56

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.ifsecglobal.com/write-for-us/

  • Other information: Keep your pitch emails short. InfoSec’s editorial guidelines say they will reject pitches longer than 150 words. 

United States Cybersecurity Magazine

United States Cybersecurity Magazine describes itself as a “forum for those on the front lines of cyber-warfare, cybersecurity law and policy, and cybersecurity infrastructure.” Across its core magazine and several supporting publications, the United States Cybersecurity Magazine prompts defensive solutions to cybersecurity risks. 

  • Domain authority: 41

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.uscybersecurity.net/write-for-us/

  • Other information: The United States Cybersecurity Magazine wants submissions in a set format, so read the submission guidelines carefully. You will need to submit an abstract for approval before sending a completed article. 


AboutSSL is an online resource base focused on website encryption. They welcome guest blog posts on topics around all aspects of website security, including domain security, SLLs, encryption technology, and cloud security.

  • Domain authority: 48

  • Link to submissions page: https://aboutssl.org/write-for-us/

  • Other information: Articles submitted to AboutSSL must be at least 1,000 words long. AboutSSL does not allow dofollow links. 

IT Governance 

IT Governance (UK/US) is a provider of data and privacy management solutions. They operate globally and have websites for various geographies. IT Governance recently opened its blog to contributions from thought leaders. 

  • Domain authority: 60 (UK)/52(US)

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.itgovernance.co.uk/blog/write-for-us (UK)/https://www.itgovernanceusa.com/blog/write-for-us(US)

  • Other information: IT Governance are mostly interested in articles about data protection and data security but will also consider other topics such as service management and business continuity. Make sure you send IT Governance a proposal for an article rather than a full article. IT Governance says they will include a link to your website and one social media page in the author bio section.

Heimdal Security 

Heimdal Security is a cyber security vendor that sells a range of solutions for threat prevention and access management. Their blog is open to contributions from third parties.

  • Domain authority: 59

  • Link to submissions page: https://heimdalsecurity.com/blog/write-for-us/

  • Other information: Heimdal asks that potential contributors send them proposals about topics they could write about. If accepted, articles should be between 1,000 to 1,500 words long. Articles can include one link to your own website.

Cyber Defense Magazine

Cyber Defense Magazine is a monthly online magazine that covers a wide range of cybersecurity topics. They publish articles from cybersecurity professionals on everything from endpoint security to pentesting and social engineering attacks.

  • Domain authority: 63

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.cyberdefensemagazine.com/magazine/write-for-us/

  • Other information: Cyber Defense Magazine lets you link back to your personal web page, company website, or email. If you write four or more articles for them, they may even give you a press pass to industry events so that you can report on them for the magazine. 

My TechDecisions

My TechDecisions is an online publication that publishes articles aimed at helping security and IT decision-makers understand and solve their core technology implementation challenges. My TechDecisions is open to contributions from cyber security thought leaders interested in sharing their opinions, advice, and experiences.

IEEE Computer Society

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society has published academic and technical articles about computer science topics since 1963. Thought leaders can pitch non-academic articles to the society's magazine. 

  • Domain authority: 71

  • Link to submissions page:https://www.computer.org/csdl/magazine/sp/write-for-us/14680

  • Other information: Prospective authors need to contact the magazine's editorial staff with their ideas before submitting a draft article. There are several different article types. “Department Articles,” which can be an opinion on a topic, are probably the most common article type for guest posts.


Hakin9 is an online publication focused on defensive and offensive hacking. They publish a range of articles, tutorials, and case studies. Hakin9’s ethos is to prepare defenders for real-world cybersecurity threats. 

  • Domain authority: 53

  • Link to submissions page: https://hakin9.org/write-for-us/

  • Other information: Hakin9 requests that authors contact them before submitting a pitch or final article. 


CloudKatha is a popular blog about cloud computing. They publish information about cloud best practices, tutorials, and cloud cyber security.

Stefanini Group

Stefanini Group is a global IT company that works across various IT service verticals. They also run a series of newsletters that reach over 30,000 readers in the infosec space. 

  • Domain authority: 56

  • Link to submissions page: https://stefanini.com/en/contact-us/write-for-us

  • Other information: Articles written for Stefanini Group should be at least 1,500 words long. Stefanini Group suggests that writers include images in their articles (but these should be copyright free, or you should have permission to use them).


WhosOn is a software vendor that sells customer support solutions. They are interested in cybersecurity-related articles that touch on contact centers and customer support. WhosOn says their site receives 30,000 visits per month.

Insights for Professionals

Insights for Professionals is an online collection of resources and articles on a wide range of business topics, including IT and cyber security. They say that guest post contributions to their website are shared with thousands of professionals through email newsletters.


Ehacking is a hacking-focused cybersecurity blog. For guest posts, they are interested in articles about ethical hacking, OSINT, and other offensive security topics.  


GlobalSign is a certificate authority and provider of cybersecurity solutions. Their blog covers topics including News, IoT, Digital Certificates, Encryption, Hacking, Enterprise Cybersecurity, Identity Management, Authentication, Code Signing, Email Security, and Document Signing. GlobalSign says its blog receives over 110,000 visitors per month. 


CyberTalk is a cybersecurity blog. They provide cybersecurity insights to technical and non-technical executives, including CISOs, CIOs, and IT Administrators. CyberTalk claims their website gets 25,000 views per month. 

Hacker Combat

Hacker Combat is a cybersecurity news site. Their articles focus on topics like recent data breaches, security advice and tips, vulnerabilities, and cybersecurity research.

  • Domain authority: 55

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.hackercombat.com/write-for-us/

  • Other information: Hacker Combat provides up to two backlinks and requests that you send them articles of at least 800 words. 


CISO Mag is a well-known cybersecurity blog. They describe themselves as “the handbook for Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)s, CXOs, and every stakeholder of safe internet.”

  • Domain authority: 55

  • Link to submissions page: https://cisomag.com/write-for-us/

  • Other information: CISO Mag only accepts articles directly from thought leaders and requests that you send them an article synopsis first. 


EuroVPS is a managed hosting provider that works with European websites. Their blog focuses on topics including cloud migration and web server security. 


HackingVision is a hacking blog that features hacking tutorials, ebooks, and articles. They are interested in articles about hacking as well as hacking guides and technical tutorials.


SecureBlitz is a cybersecurity blog that has been publishing articles about B2B and B2C cyber security issues since 2009. 

Security Magazine

Security Magazine is a publication that has been covering enterprise cybersecurity-related news and topics for over 50 years. They publish across a range of on and offline content formats. Security Magazine is open to contributions from cyber security executives. 

  • Domain authority: 70

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.securitymagazine.com/editorial-guidelines

  • Other information: Prospective authors should check Security Magazine’s editorial calendar to align their article ideas with the magazine's upcoming topics. Articles are typically anywhere between 900 and 3,000 words in length. Security Magazine also publishes a bi-monthly newsletter which is open to guest contributions of up to 750 words. 

Tech Research Online

Tech Research Online describes itself as “a platform where startup founders, technology enthusiasts, investors, and early adopters come every day for unique content.“ They publish articles about cybersecurity-related news and advice alongside other security-related topics. 

Cyber Security Hub

Cyber Security Hub is an online website that provides news and information to enterprise security professionals. They cover topics like cyberattacks, malware, and security strategy and are interested in contributions from industry practitioners and analysts.

  • Domain authority: 53

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.cshub.com/become-a-contributor

  • Other information: Articles need to be vendor-agnostic and between 700 and 1,000 words. Cyber Security Hub does not provide do-follow links. 

ADMIN Magazine

ADMIN Magazine is an online and offline publication aimed at networking and security practitioners. They publish technical articles and news about topics such as virtualization and cloud workloads. 

  • Domain authority: 50

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.admin-magazine.com/Write-for-Us

  • Other information: ADMIN Magazine accepts articles that are up to 800 words long, including tutorials, reviews, overviews, and case studies. 

Information Security Buzz

Information Security Buzz is an online security blog. They publish information about threats and solutions for cybersecurity practitioners. 


Ryadel publishes articles on a range of IT topics. Their articles span topics ranging from design and search engine optimization (SEO) but also include cyber security (everything from ransomware to risk management). Ryadel welcomes article contributions from IT experts. 

  • Domain authority: 52

  • Link to submissions page: https://www.ryadel.com/en/write-for-us/

  • Other information: Ryadel will remove do-follow links from submitted articles unless highly relevant. Articles are between 800 and 3,000 words. 

InfoSec Write-ups

InfoSec Write-ups is a hacking-focused blog on Medium that wants to be a place for the “InfoSec community to share and discuss new ideas and methodologies.” They publish articles on topics like bug bounties, CTFs, hardware challenges, and real-life experiences around hacking and counter-hacking. 

Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a well-known cyber security website. They cover news and trends for an audience of security practitioners and business leaders.

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Written by Laura Martisiute