Cybersecurity content campaign support for Morphisec

How do you explain to a skeptical audience why they need "another" security technology layer?

Since 2014, Morphisec have been developing endpoint protection solutions that use a deterministic end point protection technology called Automated Moving Target Defense (AMTD).

But their target market did not know what AMTD was. They also didn't always know that they needed a deterministic technology to stop the threats their EDR solutions might miss.

To attract and convert the same leads that other vendors were wooing, Morphisec's marketing team know that they needed to get their message out to potential customers across every stage of the marketing funnel.

For buyers in the awareness stage they needed to produce high quality technically led content that showed leads why AMTD was relevant to their specific business sector.

Buying teams needed content that showcased the capabilities of AMTD to without falling back on buzzwords or security FUD.

Their sales team wanted solution briefs and case studies that were coherent with all the rest of the messaging.

Meanwhile to win B2B search traffic from larger competitors, they needed SEO optimized content was not generic Plus their PR team wanted campaign support content that translated technical insights into engaging bylines.

Solution: Expert Led Cybersecurity Content

Morphisec’s target customers were used to hearing vendors overpromise and underdeliver.

To break through this noise, Morphisec wanted to produce in-depth educational B2B cyber security content that i) outlined the dangers facing organizations and ii) showed how their solution reduced that risk.

To get this message across, Morphisec needed a cyber security content writing team that understands the info security landscape and knows how to engage decision-makers.


Results: A marketing mangers dream process

For over three years, Content Visit worked hand in hand with Morphisec’s technical and marketing teams to develop more than 100 pieces of B2B content, including whitepapers, blog posts, bylines, and threat indexes such as the 2021 Education Cybersecurity Threat Index.

Our team interviewed Morphisec's internal technical experts, sales teams, marketing leadership, customers and had regular conversations with their CTO to ensure technical accuracy.

With them we broke news about new threat discoveries and helped support go to market campaigns for new iterations of their solution set.

Our content supported Morphisec through a period where they tripled their business and became a go-to security vendor for hundreds of company's and public sector bodies.

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According to Matthew Delman, Morphisec’s (Then) Marketing Manager, “Working with Laura [Content Visit] has been a dream”