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Cybersecurity Content Strategy for an IBM acquisition

When IBM acquired automated red teaming vendor Randori, they wanted a cybersecurity content strategy that would roll the best bits of Randori’s content into the IBM brand. 

Solution: Business value content auditing

Working with IBM's new red teaming product marketing team Content Visit proposed and conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis of all of Randori’s several hundred content assets.

As a tech content marketing agency, we were able to help IBM's in-house product marketing team understand which Randori content assets had future business value. 

Our team built out a bespoke system to check every Randori blog, webinar, whitepaper and landing page for its fit with IBM’s new market offering (and messaging). We also assessed each content asset for its B2B SEO value, position in the marketing funnel and fit with IBMs brand.

IBM content strategy

Supporting IBMs product marketing team through the sunsetting of Randori’s site, we then worked their BM’s head of technical content to write new foundational assets for IBM about red teaming.

What is red teaming

Supported by IBM Technical Content Manager Tracy O Sullivan, we interviewed a series of IBM internal experts to get their take on how automated red teaming fit into the IBM service ecosystem.

“Laura is a talented and conscientious content marketer. When I joined the Randori team as part of it's acquisition by IBM, she was instrumental in helping me get up to speed on its SEO strategy and cybersecurity content program." 

Tracy Sullivan, Technical Content Manager at IBM X-Force Applied Research 

From this research we built out a series of blog posts, nuture emails and other go to market (GTM) content assets for their product marketing team. 

Results: A rapid go to market campaign as a new IBM product

We gave IBM a full suite of quality assured sales enablement content, new content marketing assets and a full range of content marketing support.

The outcome was a sales process that never skipped a beat helping catapult IBM into automated red teaming marketing leaders.