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Helping an infosec solution gain B2B leads

Content Visit created and delivered a content marketing strategy for DeleteMe to help engage new B2B customers

Based in Boston, MA, since 2012, DeleteMe helps individuals and companies reduce the amount of their personally identifiable information (PII) that is exposed online.

B2B content challenges

  • Pivoting from a primarily B2C brand to B2B.

  • Lack of understanding of PII threats among B2B customers.

  • High-tempo PR and content marketing calendar. 

  • Fast-moving privacy landscape.

  • Need to create both B2C and B2B content.

How Content Visit helped

From GDPR to CCPA, the privacy landscape moves fast. A pioneer in the PII removal industry, in 2020 DeleteMe wanted to double down on its reputation as a subject matter expert in consumer privacy. They also wanted to show B2B companies how employee PII was putting them at risk from a new generation of cyber threats and harassment. 

To do this, Content Visit helped DeleteMe create:

  • A monthly business-to-consumer newsletter.

  • Thought leadership articles for publications including Forbes and VentureBeat.

  • Blog posts about B2B privacy issues and topics.

  • Whitepapers and reports.

  • B2B customer case studies from different sectors.

  • Sales enablement material and business fact sheets.

  • Email marketing campaigns.

  • A content editorial calendar.

Content Visit worked with a stakeholder group, including DeleteMe’s CEO, an external PR team, and internal privacy researchers.

As a result, every piece of content we create for DeleteMe is backed by extensive primary and secondary research.

For example, the newsletter we developed, “Incognito,'' dives deep into a specific privacy issue each month. It helps make the world of privacy easier to understand for DeleteMe’s customers. Over time, Incognito has become an important content asset for DeleteMe and, based on the feedback we get from readers, something their customers enjoy. 



Throughout an almost three-year engagement with DeleteMe, Content Visit has written thought leadership content pieces that have been featured on some of the world’s most popular websites, including Forbes, VentureBeat, Security Magazine, Help Net Security, CPO Magazine, and Dark Reading.

We have also taken Incognito through almost 24 issues and covered topics ranging from secret consumer scores to the metaverse to dating app privacy.

For this case study, we asked DeleteMe CEO Rob Shavell to say something about what it was like working with us:

"I have been an entrepreneur and venture investor for 20 years and have worked with 100's of companies from startups to publicly-traded enterprises, and I can say with confidence that most content from most companies is of blindingly average quality. The team at Content Visit can change that and bring any organization's content up to high quality - that drives both visitors and revenues. Further, their ability to grow your domain and to quickly position you as an expert is unparalleled."